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Real Transformations

Eliminate "The Gap" & get better EVERYDAY.

The Tour Proven Pathway is for golfers who want to have a CLEAR PLAN to upgrade their golf swing with CONSISTENT COMMUNICATION with their coach! You will know WHAT to work on, WHY it is important and HOW to know when to move on to the next PROGRESSION. The Tour Proven Pathway is designed to give you the education, coaching & support to optimize your swing & build your confidence so you can enjoy this game for a lifetime. -Andrew Banner



Reviews from PGA Teachers

"Andrew’s background in golf instruction & golf fitness makes him very unique in the golf performance industry. He has helped me lean up & add 10 mph of clubhead speed over the past year! He is as passionate as they come in this industry”

~ Brian Jacobs


Reviews from Influencers

“If you are new to golf, you need to work with Andrew. When I started working with him, I had never played before. His approach to coaching is easy to follow & fun! Now I am hitting solid shots & having fun when I practice.”

~ Paige Hathaway


Reviews from sports Doctors

“In 6 months my handicap dropped from a 20 to a 13 while working with Andrew. His understanding of the body matched with his swing coaching translated to fast results. Now I'm having fun playing golf & entering in local tournaments”

~Dr. Matthew Pennell


Reviews from Athletes

"The best part about working with Andrew is the speed in which he is able to get back to you regarding your swing. This allows me to make changes the next day instead of having to wait multiple days with in-person lessons. His knowledge of the swing has helped me make some incredible progress in a short amount of time. I look forward to our continued work together.'

~Aaron Murray


Real Results


Your coach is

Andrew Banner

Andrew Banner is a golf swing & body coach who has revolutionized the way golfers upgrade their golf swing through his proprietary Tour Proven Pathway Program. This program is a result of his work over the past 16+ years obsessing over the golf swing & body. Not only has he spent 16+ years coaching the swing & learning under the tutelage of numerous elite golf instructors, but he has also spent 11+ years in the golf fitness industry helping touring pros, amateur golfers & junior golfers alike train away from injuries while increasing human performance to create efficient & powerful golf swings. His unique understanding of the body & swing has enabled him to help golfers of all levels win. This Pennsylvania native has traveled all over the United States to fulfill his passion to help golfers play better, pain-free golf, so they can enjoy the game. Andrew has been fortunate to help multiple professional golfers thrive & win on tour but his ultimate passion is helping amateur golfers play better so they can enjoy the game he loves.


The Tour Proven Pathway is built around EDUCATION, ACCESS, COACHING & FEEDBACK. Most golfers fail to get better because they do not know WHAT to work on, WHY it is important & HOW to identify & implement a PLAN. My coaching experiences have made one thing very clear. The golfers who improve are those who show up, put in the work & have plenty of ACCESS to their coach. If you are willing to show up & GRIND FOR IT, we can achieve serious RESULTS.


Golf Swing Discovery Call

The Tour Proven Pathway is built around EDUCATION, ACCESS, COACHING & FEEDBACK. Most golfers fail to get better because they do not have a GAME PLAN. They do not have enough ACCESS to a COACH who CARES about their GOALS & TARGETS. My model is designed to deliver FAST RESULTS. If you are willing to show up & GRIND FOR IT, we can make a MASSIVE TRANSFORMATION.


You get out of it what you put into it. Every time you submit a video, your coach is there to give feedback and guidance. This process ensures you are doing the drills and exercises correctly and they are delivering desirable results.

Online lessons are often better than in-person lessons because they are focused and to the point. They also require you to put in the work to progress to the next drill or exercise. This process moves along as fast as the client develops. There is also an open line of communication which never leaves the student questioning themselves during the developmental process.

You have a private training space with you and your coach. EVERY time you submit a question or a video it will get a response in a timely manner. Therefore, you get as much access as you need.

NO! Most of my clients work on drills that require very little if any equipment. There are many drills and or exercises that simply require a wall and or your body. Having the ability to hit balls into a net or at a practice facility on a daily basis is a bonus.

If you wanted this much ACCESS to an expert coach they charge $50,000/year to touring pros or $100, $150, $200, $300 an hour… You want way more ACCESS than just an hour because you need more than just an hour. So online saves you hundreds of dollars for UNLIMITED ACCESS and much faster RESULTS.

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